October 29, 2010

Emerging Designer

StyleChicago.com Presents The Art of Fashion Runway Show at Millennium Park. 
October 22,2010

Lydia Wawrzyniak Spr 2011
Lydia Wawrzyniak: Spring 2011 Collection
Millennium Park - Chase Promenade North
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Spring 2011 Collection:
Lydia’s was inspired by the idea that nature has a soul and that everything is connected in a very special way. Translucent fabrics were used to symbolize that there is much more beyond the surface and that we need to look past the surface. The hand-done details were inspired by beautiful details in nature that are easily looked past. 

About Lydia Wawrzyniak:
Ellezee Designs by Lydia Wawrzyniak is all about the intricate details. Every piece is made with couture techniques and hand-made embellishments. The designs are unique, feminine, and made to turn heads. View Slide Show

October 23, 2010

Style For Your Review

Best Nail Color For Any Skin Tone!

China Glaze Nail Polish colors are perfect for any skin tone. Favorite pick is from their Something Blue line titled "For Audrey" (inspired by the color of the Tiffany's box). It even looks great with one coat, and the shine last forever. No matter where I go when I'm wearing this color, I get soooooooo many compliments. This is by far their best color. Going for $3.99 on Amazon.com Try it you will not be disappointed.

Polyvore.com Set by Alwaysinstyle....see link below