October 29, 2010

Emerging Designer

StyleChicago.com Presents The Art of Fashion Runway Show at Millennium Park. 
October 22,2010

Lydia Wawrzyniak Spr 2011
Lydia Wawrzyniak: Spring 2011 Collection
Millennium Park - Chase Promenade North
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Spring 2011 Collection:
Lydia’s was inspired by the idea that nature has a soul and that everything is connected in a very special way. Translucent fabrics were used to symbolize that there is much more beyond the surface and that we need to look past the surface. The hand-done details were inspired by beautiful details in nature that are easily looked past. 

About Lydia Wawrzyniak:
Ellezee Designs by Lydia Wawrzyniak is all about the intricate details. Every piece is made with couture techniques and hand-made embellishments. The designs are unique, feminine, and made to turn heads. View Slide Show

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