December 1, 2010

Fashion Advice...How to revamp your wardrobe

How can I revamp my wardrobe?

I used to used to be obsessed with buying clothing that was brand name. That was until I realized I had a closet full of ugly clothing. I've given away all of my graphic t-shirts just because there was simply no hope for them.
Now what do I do?
Should I give away all my clothing that really isn't cute to me? Or keep it and give it away as I buy new things?
I mean I do have some stuff that is cute, but the rest is just okay to me. I'm trying to change my style to more girly-preppy and less brand names like Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Juicy, Hollister, etc.
Asked 18 hours ago. Two days left.

Reselling your unwanted clothing is a great idea, or by it being the holiday season you could donate them.

Brands tend to only be in style for the moment, therefore you don't get much wear out of them for the price that you spent. You should invest in basics, solid colors, & classics, ex. like a great little black dress that is timeless. Jeans and jackets without stuff plastered all over them so that you can pair them with other items, so that one pair of jeans could be like 6 different outfits. And accessories the best way to reinvent your cloths.

The items below could be worn in soooo many different ways with the right accessories, including with prints like floral, animal, or vibrant colors.

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