March 4, 2011

And The Show Must Go On!

Although John Galliano was dismissed from Dior, the show did indeed go on. Opening the show was Dior CEO, Sidney Toledano. He made a brief statement in French, addressing the actions of Galliano, letting it be known that such behaviors are intolerable at the house of Dior.
Closing the show (without their former leader Galliano) were the atelier's team of phenomenal seamstresses, amazing pattern makers and great crafters, whom all stood in their white lab coats.
I must say, Galliano is indeed an outstanding designer and it is such a loss for the fashion industry. How can a man create such beautiful things be so ugly.  The fashion industry is defiantly not the place to be closed minded. He will never be viewed the same, and he has lost such respect among his colleagues. Although; I am sure there are some that will still do business with him. People, we must remember that it is very important to humble ourselves and be humane towards one another, because no one can get anywhere or get anything done by themselves, we all need each other in the end and you never know if it will be someone Jewish, African-American, Hispanic, Italian, or  what ever race it will be to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

See the amazing work below created by the wonderful (and rainbow of people) of Dior.  Which; by the way was a fabulous collection.
Well Done!

Christian Dior Fall Ready to Wear 2011 Collection

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