March 26, 2011

Blonds Really Do Have More Fun

The Blonds
I absolutely love The Blonds. Whenever I see one of their pieces I get all happy inside and fell like signing “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross (in a non offensive way) It’s just that I feel that their designs say just that... “There’s a new me coming out and I just had to live!”. Their pieces just make me think of a courageous woman who takes the world as if it was all created for her only. I love the fact that have so much fan with fashion. Their collections have fierceness, edge, and it evokes the power of sexuality. I guess it’s true what they say....Blonds really do have more fun. ♥
Here are some of my favorite Blond Pieces.

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  1. Loving this post.. The outfits are all to die for



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