June 8, 2011

Resort Report "Sea Side Chic"

Douglas Hannant's 2012 Resort Collection is one of my favorites of the 2012 Resort Collections, it just screams perfect yet fabulous vacation. I swear this collection makes me want to buy a yacht. Here are some of my most liked picks from his fabulous Sea Side Collection. Thanks Doug!

Stripe Out!

A Sailor’s Stride 

Down by the Shore Shorts

Coastal Colors

The New Yacht Club

Just Cruising 

Pretty on the Pier

Harbor Hemlines

A Gust of Fringe 


  1. Amazing summer clothes! Especially the "Pretty on the Pier" dresses as well as the three-toned ones with coastal colors on and the white crochet baggy one.
    Thank you so much for your amazing comment! Have a fabulous day! xxx


  2. This post is really good. I love the layout and the title of each collection. I am all about the nautical fashion for this season!


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