September 8, 2011

"Gem Shoes" or should I say "Gem Hues"

Continuing my September Shoe Shopping Line-Up, “Gem Shoes”  or should I say “Gem Hues” came to mind.  As we all know, gem toned colors are perfect for the Fall (I my self prefer them in suede or chiffon). I put together some selections of gem toned shoes,  not only to inspire some color in the wardrobe, but to also give you an idea of what these precious gems will bring into your life.
So while shopping for your September shoe selections, make sure you have your eyes set on some “fab-hue-lust” gems, rather it be Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, or Amethyst...whatever, they’re all showing up in Fall trends this season so a good gem should’t be too hard or find. 

*P.S. You should really see the B Makowsky "Vada"shoe in person, the image above doesn't do them justice at all. I really fell in love with these shoes. #PurchaseWorthy

 Information gathered for the above text regarding gem stone properties came from so click the link to find out more regarding meaning of colors.