December 11, 2011

Christmas Party Chic!

Here is my rendition of IFB Project #25. This is Fashion for Jo Jo's guide to a chic Christmas Party.
1. The Invitation: Please people, please say no to text invites, I hate those, they are so impersonal, mail them please. Your invites will set the mood of what type of Christmas Party you're having. Make sure you let your guest know what type of attire they should wear for this occasion. Your invites can be any way you like, I my self like to send out three different designs but with the same color combination that my party decor will be, I like simple and classy. You may also want to send out email reminders (they should be festive as well.)

2. The table: Your table is key, it is where you’ll provide everything to keep the party going (the food & drinks). You want to make your table setting POP, with color or lighting, and an outstanding center piece. Now normally you would put the table in the same category as decor, but trust me the table is a situation all of its own, this is very important. You have to think of place settings, linen, drinkware, flatwear, dinnerware, serveware,... the list goes on.
  • Don’t forget ....Good Christmas music & great party food.

3. The decor: Your decor should be harmonious, whether you are a traditional christmas color person, silver, gold, or something more modern. Your decor should take your guest by surprise (in a good way).

4. The Drinks: You should always have a signature Christmas cocktail, not one that will have your friends and family off their rocker (unless that’s the plan) but one that will be so good that it may even become a tradition. 
5. The sweets: The new craze are cake pops right now, so check out these ideas along with Christmas cupcakes & cookies.
6. The Outfit: Now how could you have a goregous holiday dinner party without the host being stunning as well. I don’t know about you all, but I like I little shimmer & shine for the holiday, lace and sheers are the way to go also, and that is what I usually base my holiday outfit around. 
When you’er  attempting to do shimmer & shine just remember not to over do it, just make it one piece, whether it be your shoes, sweater, dress, top or skirt.
If you want to be more festive for the holiday please restrain from the holiday sweaters with all that crap on it [you know what I’m talking about, unless thats the look you're going for] instead, try focusing on the holiday colors [red or green] and make it your statement piece and work your magic around it.   I’ve picked some holiday pieces to inspire your holiday outfits. Enjoy!


  1. Great ideas, I've gone for purple and silver as my decoration theme this year but I really love the traditional red and green. Also loving those shoes!


  2. I am obsessed with your blog! Following now

    xoxo, H


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