December 23, 2011

December's Fashion Feature

Name: Shaunna Orton
Blog: Flounces And Slashes 
Location: India
Age: 18
Profession: Fashion Designing Student
Hobbies: Painting , Drawing , Window shopping, Day dreaming , Swimming 
Future dreams: To be a recognized blogger and fashion designer
Describe your blog.
 A DIY blog and explains in detail how to make the most beautiful things just with some help and your creativity. My passion is to recreate and deconstruct until I create my own personal  style
What made you decide to start a blog?
 Honestly , It was to build up my confidence in myself . Period.
How long have you been blogging?  4 months
Who would you say is your target audience? 
 DIYers and people with a love for creating unique and beautiful things by their own hands
Link us to your favorite post.  
What do you look for in a fabulous blog that would make you follow it? Uniqueness

What challenges have you had when blogging & and have you found a solution? 
 Recognition and lack of viewers – and yes now both my self confidence and my viewers have built up 
How would you describe your style?  
Anything that makes me stand out on a pavement.
What is the compliment you most frequently get?  
My dry humor and sarcasm – but then again it goes right over people’s head.  Many people say I’m a sophisticated  woman
Who is your fashion icon?
 A little of everyone
What is your greatest source of inspiration? 
Honestly would it be rude to say myself ? Also 
Do you have a fashion Ah Hah moment? 
 I went through this phase of wearing a blue lumpy jacket with a denim mini skirt – yes I’m cringing with you as we speak.
What style magazines do you read? Grazia . Vogue
What is your favorite item you own in your closet right now?  
A one of a kind Amethyst  60crt necklace  and anything my boyfriend gifts me .

***If any of you are interested in being featured, please email me alwaysinstyle@aol.comwith "Fashion Feature" in the subject.. I will try to feature 2 fashionistas/ fashionistos a month. 

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