December 1, 2011

Fashion Features

Hello Fashionistas & Fashionistos, sometime earlier this year I was featured on "Shades of Sexy Little Things" by Misz. Aily as a “Blogger in the Spotlight”. I would like to start something similar on my blog, only I will be featuring not only bloggers but fashionistas, fashinistos, upcoming designers, make-up artist, anyone having anything to do with fashion in any way shape or form. 
I would like to take this time out to thank two blogs in particular, "Shades of Sexy Little Things" for giving me my very first feature & "B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Blog" for not only shouting me out on her blog but also for being ever so supportive. I would also like to feature the both of them on this blog (soon, if they agree to it). 
With that being said...if any of you are interested in being featured, please email me with "Fashion Feature" in the subject.. I will try to feature 2 fashionistas/ fashionistos a month. 
Here is a look at my feature on "Shades of Sexy Little Things" Check it out, you might find out something about me that you didn’t already know. Click here


  1. That is great that you are adding this awesome feature to your blog. I'm all about supporting and featuring others. Us fashion enthusiats and those of the fashion elite must stick together. Looking forward to it!!!

  2. Cool idea! I would love to be featured! i like reading and seeing other bloggers and fashion forward peeps! Good luck!


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