December 15, 2011

June to Premiere in Winter

Are you ready for June already? Well I know I am. It was stated sometime this year that stylist to the stars “June Ambrose” would be getting her very own reality show “Styled by June” (title likely to change, so don’t hold me to that) on VH1 in early 2012. Well now we have an air date: February 27th 2012.
Although I am not a big fan of reality TV, I am smitten with fashion reality, so I know me and my girls (Marsha, Lana, & Nya) we’ll be scarfing down chocolate cake and watching this while were on the phone with each other, either saying “Hated it! or Loved it! to the many pieces that she will be pulling for her A-List clients.
If you can’t wait ladies & gents just try to keep it together and watch her on YouTube JuneTV (her first show).
Will you be watching in February?

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  1. Ah nice to see a fellow June get a show :)


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