January 26, 2012

The Old and the View

So the other day I went to visit my aunt Sam (Samara), to help her do some cleaning, she's moving to Tulsa and though I'm not happy about it, I still agreed to help her with her move. As we were cleaning she dug out some of her old fashion magazines. She had Vogues that dated all the way back to 1989, (I was only 6 Years old) a time when only models graced the covers. See this is where I get it from (the saving of the magazines & great fashion sense period). I couldn't describe the feeling I got when I saw them, it's just amazing how the fashion magazine has evolved.  I know some of you like viewing your mags on you iPads or tablets, but I'm so old fashioned, just to see them all laid out on my table, floor or bed, it just inspires me more. I need my mags to be visible at all times.
My aunt Sam has taught me everything there is to know about fashion, not just how to dress but most importantly to KNOW fashion; the history, the designers, models, muses, the key pieces that made fashion history, the photographers, editors, the quotes, etc. I am so honored that she passed her babies down to me. I will take such good care of them. (and to think, we're not even done cleaning, there’s more mags)  I can't wait to dig into these and post some great findings for my Fashion Flashback Posts, but until then, I'll give you a preview for now.

 From left to right: Vogue August 1989 Tatjana Patitz, Vogue April 1989 Talisa Soto, 
Vogue July 1989 Tatjana Patitz

Harper's Bazaar August 1999 Gisele Bundchen

ELLE March 2001 Rebecca Stamos


  1. This is sooooooo f'ng cool! I keep magazines too and my hubby fusses but to look back at fashion that far back when you were only 6 had to be so exciting!

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  3. Awesome post! You have been tagged for the versatile blogger award on my blog xx

  4. Great!!!!!! Your blog is very beautiful!!!!!!!

  5. Loving your collection of Vogues!





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