January 18, 2012


 Last Week I was tagged by Tammy of "A Fendi Bag And A Bad Attitude" in her Fashion Friday post, along with 6 other bloggers. I have never been tagged before. I like it. Thanks Tammy for tagging me in your post, a chance to get to share some things about my self that my readers may not know.  Make sure you guys stop by "A Fendi Bag And A Bad Attitude" her "Shoe Whore" post are my fave.

TAG! Now you'er it!: 

List (11) random things about yourself
and answer the SAME questions I answered about my self.


  1. Okay, I have got to get on this. I procrastinate so much, lol. Love your responses! Thx for the tag ;-)

  2. I was a nail tech too- for 2 years in Chicago and 4 years through college!


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