March 30, 2012

Closet Case "Wild Things"

Accused of being daring, stylish, fierce, sexy and irresistible.

I spotted these wild pair leopard heels while shopping with my friend and shopping partner in crime Sharee (trust me, her name will come up often in my Closet Cases, it is when I’m with her I do the most damage to my wallet)
As I was saying, I spotted these beauties at Bakers, and just my luck they were only $30, originally $125. 
For anyone who knows me, know that I tend to steer clear of prints, I’m a classic shopper, I look for pieces that are simple and timeless, I may add a pop of color, but I’ve never been a trendy shopper. However; these heels were just too good of a price to pass up, and leopard can be timeless as well, if worn correctly. I decided it’s high time that I started playing with prints, and I’m happy to introduce my closet to the newest members of my wardrobe.

Here is what I paired them with on their first night out on the town. We attended one of my closest friend’s birthday party. It was a lingerie, masquerade party. 
Blackout images of individuals to protect the innocent.
White blazer $14 from Discovery, Black high waisted Skirt $12 from Agaci, Black lace corset $38.50 from Sears Kardashian Kollection


  1. Wow the shoes are so cool!!!^^ Kisses dear!:*

  2. Luv the shoes and who doesn't luv a deal?

  3. Love the shoes and don't be blaming me for your spending lol. You have me to help you find great deals. Now shop on my friend. Love guess who;)


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