April 8, 2012

Candy Coated

I’ve put together a color guide for Sprig coats & jackets. This season’s must have colors are pastels and neons. What’s great about it is that you could wear just all pestles or only just neons, or you can mix them by color blocking. 
Check out these pieces that I put together for some inspiration this Spring.  Not to leave out the classics, I also included beige, ivory, denim & black (for those whom are not that comfortable yet with rocking these standout colors. I hope you enjoy these selections. Happy Easter!


  1. What a beautiful inspiration dear! I love easpecially the coral one!:) Happy Easter and a big kiss!!:*

  2. This is a great guide! I'm all about light linen blazers and denim jackets for Spring.

  3. I absolutely love these color coded boards. Great ideas and so well laid out. Creatively this is fantastic!
    Hard to pick a favorite, but definitely a great guide.




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