April 7, 2012

House of Zayden E.

Remember I stated in one of my recent post (Letter to my Avid Readers) that would be some changes to come for Fashion for Jo Jo, well that change is going to happen real soon. I’m partnering up with a really good friend of my whom is also in the fashion industry, adding to his title of model & designer, he’s ready to take on the blogger world with me. His name is Zayden, and I just love his in your face fashion sense and style.  
We’ve decided on the name “House of Zayden E.” for the blog, of course he is Zayden & I am E. (for Ebony). I think we'd make a great team. We have so much in store for the Fashionultuion, we can’t wait to share our world with you all. Check out some of Zayden’s high fashion couture looks, and our header for our upcoming blog below. Let me know what you think. 

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  1. Im so happy for you! Thats amazing! Its been a while but im back btw. post pics asap!


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