May 28, 2012

Finger "Lookin" Good - Ladylike Edition

Ladies is crucial that you maintain your ladylike image with the occasional mani pedi. Raggedy fingernails and toenails are not cute at all. Ladies, we have to treat our hands and feet as if we would treat our hair, you know you can’t be caught out with a bad do, I feel like bad nails are the worst, at least you could cover your head with a hat.
There are 2 traditional classic ways to wear your fingernails the squared french tips and the claws. Where french tips were normally white, now french tips are done with a hint color. As for the claws, they started out short now-a-days they’er getting longer but the traditional way would be to wear them at a medium length and only in red. 
The style of nails have come a long way, so rather you style them the classic way or you’re a new generation lady and you like verity and color, either way; a true lady always keep her nails done (even my ladies don't have much of their nails to work with).

Here are some of Fashion for Jo Jo’s fave “it” nail colors for the Spring/Summer season. You should defiantly try mixing the pastels with the neons, it looks really cool. I’ve mixed mint green with coral neon seen here....

May 25, 2012

A Scentsational Women

Continuing on with our ladylike issue...every true lady should have a signature sent. I’m talking about all year round, a signature sent for summer, signature sent in the fall, a signature sent in the winter and a signature sent in the spring. As the seasons change, select a fragrance that compliments each one’s attributes.

How to Pick a Fragrance For Every Season
Each season has its own feelings and emotions, and with them go different scents. While springtime is a time of rebirth, with flower blossoms and warming light, the summer season is warm and filled with flowers and green plants. Fall is more saturated, with deeper colors and scents of musk and patchouli. Winter’s cold whiteness is reflected in scents of citrus, vanilla and spice.
Here are some helpful tips for choosing a fragrance for each of the four seasons.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, with the ground beginning to warm, and flower blossoms and tree buds beginning to form. Suddenly, the earth is green again, and colors begin to appear in outdoor gardens. For springtime, choose a fragrance that reflects this new awakening and feelings of joy, such as those that include notes of lily of the valley, peonies and violets. 

During the long, warm days of summer, many people find themselves spending more time outdoors, celebrating holidays or just spending time with family. Choose a summer fragrance that mimics the happy, sweet, and sexy feelings of the summertime. Scents that contain sweet summer florals, such as roses and orange blossoms, mixed with fresh fruit scents like raspberry and peach can be a delightful summer fragrance. In addition, a tropical fragrance with notes of honeysuckle, island flowers, and sea salt can also be a pleasant reminder of sun-soaked days spent on the beach or vacation.

As the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees, the landscape turns deeper and more saturated with colors of deep reds, oranges, and browns. Fall is the time for deep, saturated and seductive fragrances, such as those containing spicy and musky notes. Look for a fragrance that contains hints of sandalwood, musk, amber, and jasmine.

Citrus and other fruity scents reflect the winter season and the holidays it brings, such as Christmas and Passover. Select a fragrance that is reminiscent of these holiday scents, such as pomegranate and vanilla bean, lemon, or orange. Spicy scents can be overpowering during the warm months but bring a warmth to the crisp winter air. Try a scent with notes of spicy cinnamon or cardamom. As the seasons change, select a fragrance that accompanies each one’s attributes.


My signature scents are Burberry, ck be and Donna Karen Cashmere, I’m on the hunt to add to my collection. What are some of your signature scents, do you have any recommendations for me?

May 17, 2012

Closet Case "Rebellious Red Soles"

 Accused of being rebellious, powerful, passionate, dangerous, desirable, and courageous.
I’ve had my eyes on these ever since they first papered on website, I just knew I had to have them in my possession. Though at that time I was on a very tight budget, so I was prepared to love them from a far for awhile and then except the fact that I may never have them in my grasp.
Ah, but then; while a day at the mall with yet again (Sharee) a ray of hope, there they were (The Lola) sitting there on the shelf with that beautiful 30% off sign right in front of them. Originally $95.00 was now $66.50. 
I’ve had them since the winter and have yet to wear these beauties out. They are so retro, so Pinup. Not only will they be perfect for the summer, but they’ll still look good in the fall (being suede and all, suede at the top, snake skin at the bottom). Oh, how I can’t wait for them to make their first appearance. (A lady in red, I will be) 

May 14, 2012


The classic LBD (Little Black Dress or Long Black Dress): No woman can go wrong in this little number, it is truly the most important garment that every true lady should have in her closet. There so many ways to reinvent your LBD with the right kind of accessories. 
According to Harper’s Bazaar: Great Style  Best Ways to Update Your Look (by Jenny Levin) there are 4 ways to wear the LBD...simple, sweet, sexy or stunning. 
Designers are getting even more creative with the LBD these days, like the number that Gwyneth Paltrow wore by Emilio Pucci (even though it’s a top & skirt, yet I see it as a dress), and the crocodile number that Rihanna recently wore to the Met Gala by Tom Ford (that would have to count for sexy and stunning)  and let’s not forget about that black sheer polka doted Stella McCartney number that Kate Winslet wore. Yes, the LBD has come a long way from it’s  basic structure but even though this elegant essential now has so many styles, it will always be a classic piece. 

May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give your mom the gift of relaxation. A trip to the spa or items that bring the spa to her with by putting together a spa basket that includes things like candles, her favorite soaps, body wash and her favorite fragrance.

What mother doesn’t love some jewelry... accessories, bags, and shoes. For some of you, your mother is the one who taught you how to shop, so why not take her shopping (duh). Or if you know what she likes, just go out and buy her some pretty.

 For the mom who loves her TV series but sometimes have a problem with keeping up with the storyline, why not give her the gift of buying her favorite shows in a DVD box set or buy them for her on her Tablet or iPad.

Go Go Gadget Mom- Give the tech savvy mom, who is always busy with so much to do and even more to keep up with something that she’ll use daily like an iPad . Or the mom that always wants to capture those precious moments in her children or grandchildren’s life a camera will do the trick. Or the mother who likes to read her juicy novels, try the nook .

 The Decorative Homemaker - For the mother that loves being the home maker, the cook, the hostess. Try getting her appliances that helps make the homemaking easier for her.  Or accent pieces for the home to liven up the place; a piece of furniture, vases, decorative pillows, lamps and mirrors.

From the Heart- Anything made from the heart, home made card, photo album, painted picture, (these are the things that she’ll keep and cherish and are most of all their priceless).

Then there are always gift cards for the mothers that are hard to shop for or if you're shopping for someone else's mom and then they can always go get what they really want.