May 17, 2012

Closet Case "Rebellious Red Soles"

 Accused of being rebellious, powerful, passionate, dangerous, desirable, and courageous.
I’ve had my eyes on these ever since they first papered on website, I just knew I had to have them in my possession. Though at that time I was on a very tight budget, so I was prepared to love them from a far for awhile and then except the fact that I may never have them in my grasp.
Ah, but then; while a day at the mall with yet again (Sharee) a ray of hope, there they were (The Lola) sitting there on the shelf with that beautiful 30% off sign right in front of them. Originally $95.00 was now $66.50. 
I’ve had them since the winter and have yet to wear these beauties out. They are so retro, so Pinup. Not only will they be perfect for the summer, but they’ll still look good in the fall (being suede and all, suede at the top, snake skin at the bottom). Oh, how I can’t wait for them to make their first appearance. (A lady in red, I will be)