May 14, 2012


The classic LBD (Little Black Dress or Long Black Dress): No woman can go wrong in this little number, it is truly the most important garment that every true lady should have in her closet. There so many ways to reinvent your LBD with the right kind of accessories. 
According to Harper’s Bazaar: Great Style  Best Ways to Update Your Look (by Jenny Levin) there are 4 ways to wear the LBD...simple, sweet, sexy or stunning. 
Designers are getting even more creative with the LBD these days, like the number that Gwyneth Paltrow wore by Emilio Pucci (even though it’s a top & skirt, yet I see it as a dress), and the crocodile number that Rihanna recently wore to the Met Gala by Tom Ford (that would have to count for sexy and stunning)  and let’s not forget about that black sheer polka doted Stella McCartney number that Kate Winslet wore. Yes, the LBD has come a long way from it’s  basic structure but even though this elegant essential now has so many styles, it will always be a classic piece.