May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give your mom the gift of relaxation. A trip to the spa or items that bring the spa to her with by putting together a spa basket that includes things like candles, her favorite soaps, body wash and her favorite fragrance.

What mother doesn’t love some jewelry... accessories, bags, and shoes. For some of you, your mother is the one who taught you how to shop, so why not take her shopping (duh). Or if you know what she likes, just go out and buy her some pretty.

 For the mom who loves her TV series but sometimes have a problem with keeping up with the storyline, why not give her the gift of buying her favorite shows in a DVD box set or buy them for her on her Tablet or iPad.

Go Go Gadget Mom- Give the tech savvy mom, who is always busy with so much to do and even more to keep up with something that she’ll use daily like an iPad . Or the mom that always wants to capture those precious moments in her children or grandchildren’s life a camera will do the trick. Or the mother who likes to read her juicy novels, try the nook .

 The Decorative Homemaker - For the mother that loves being the home maker, the cook, the hostess. Try getting her appliances that helps make the homemaking easier for her.  Or accent pieces for the home to liven up the place; a piece of furniture, vases, decorative pillows, lamps and mirrors.

From the Heart- Anything made from the heart, home made card, photo album, painted picture, (these are the things that she’ll keep and cherish and are most of all their priceless).

Then there are always gift cards for the mothers that are hard to shop for or if you're shopping for someone else's mom and then they can always go get what they really want.


  1. How cool is this gift guide! My mom is the stylish mom and far from the tech savvy one! i think she would love the heels!


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