June 21, 2012

Closet Case “Fringe-emies”

 Accused of being fun, distracting, odd,and funny looking...I don't know, I think we will have to request a jury trail for this one.

These are a pair of Asos “Frankie” suede fringe sandals that I purchased off eBay 2 years ago, I only paid $10 for them (originally $58.00). (Don’t you just love getting something so stylish for such a reasonable  price, it just makes me want to celebrate every time.)  
I have them in this amazing salmon color as well. I love these sandals. However; not every one shares in my admiration for these beauties. You see, some of my friends (including my fiancé’, he insists that I don’t put them on when I’m with him) thinks that they are hideous. I just have to remember that they obviously know nothing about fashion. 
Luckily I don’t care about what my non-fashionable friends say,  I love my asos fringed sandals, they give me a little extra happy every time I wear them. Other fashionistas notice them right away and compliment me on them; once again however; my fiancé says that people compliment me on them and them as soon as I walk away they probably laugh behind my back and say how ugly they are, Lol. Either way, they get noticed and you know what that means...they are most defiantly something to talk about and that works for me. So what do you think my style gals, would you be brave enough to rock these soles?

 Here an outfit that I often pair them with, enjoy...