June 11, 2012

Just a Day With One of the Besties

Okay, I have to admit that my birthday just recently passed (May 30th, Go Gemini’s!) I wasn’t going to mention it but how could I not when I have fabulous friends who won’t let me forget it. Even though I tried my very best to keep a low profile, I’ve still been celebrating my b-day well after the fact. My bestie DeLana took me out to eat and showed me thoughtful gifts. After stuffing our faces and catching up on whats been going on in our busy lives, we hit the mall. Now we were only supposed to do some window shopping, but that didn’t quite go as planned, instead we both ended up making some purchases that we knew we had know business making, but we did pretty good, If our other bestie & partner in crime (Marsha) was with us, I’m sure we would have done even more damage, she has a great eye for fashion as well. 

Here are some instagram pics of day of shopping:
Vince Camuto

Steve Madden

Ivanka Trump 
The  bestie DeLana, one of the very few greatest persons in my life, it's always a blast whenever I see her and our other half Marsha (we missed you Boo)

Me in some really cute shades. They were cute, I'm just not a shades kind of gal (only if I didn't wear prescription glasses) (The dress I'm wearing is from Agaci)

This is what Lana got me for the the B-day, she knows I love my nails. Like I had mentioned she took me out to eat, too bad I ate everything before I remembered to take photos (sorry I was starving) She also got me a bottle of BearFoot Moscato (sorry, I poped that open before I could take photos as well, this lady really needed a drink)

 My purchases from Forever21


  1. beautiful photos dear! have a nice day!

  2. Nice bday gifts! I am really feeling that necklace from FOrever 21 too! Happy belated bday!

  3. cute shoes, love the necklace

  4. Hi darling! Your blog is amazing:X follow u.
    wanna follow each other?


  5. OMG these shoes are to DIE for! I love the glitz ! xx

  6. my shoe shopping habit has been crazy this week but this post just made me wanna go out and buy a few pairs.. loving the pictures


  7. Hope you had a great birthday! Those shoes are great!

  8. Hi, we are following you now. Lovely blog. Thanks to you we realised we had no follow button :D

    Thanks a lot and keep posting
    It's awesome

    Love !

  9. love this shoes and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  10. Belated happy birthday to you ! Guess you've enjoyed it ! That are very nice photos and oh i love the Ivanka Trump shoes ! Totally nice ! XX

  11. Happy belated birthday doll! I love the Vince Camuto shoes and the dress you were wearing. Just lovely.



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