July 20, 2012

Fashion Feature: "B.A.F.F.L.E.D."

This isn't just any other blogger, this is a dear friend of mine who, is just so outstanding that one interview cannot cover just how awesome she is (so be prepared to see more of her on Fashion for JoJo). If there is anything that you want to know about Fashion, Fashion Law, Sports, and everything to do with Chicago...Baffled blog is your go to. You will not miss a beat of anything wonderful in the Chi if you stay connected. She's amazingly supportive, crazy smart, poised and down right fashionable, I mean really; every fashionista has their bad days, but I swear as long as I've know Victoria I've never seen so much as a hair out of place.

Name: Victoria Watkins  Age: 28
Blog: B.A.F.F.L.E.D. - http:/www.thebaffledblog.com
Facebook:  Facebook
Twitter: @BAFFLEDblog
Pinterest: adeptfashionesq
Location: Chicago, IL
Profession: Lawyer
Hobbies: Blogging, shopping, reading, hanging out with family and friends

Do you have any clubs, groups, or organizations that you are a part of? Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Chicago Bar Association

Describe your blog: B.A.F.F.L.E.D. stands for Business Advice, Fashion Facts, Law & Entertainment Domain, but it offers so much more.  My site is a space for sharing events, offering tips and advice, and information both serious and fun to readers.  Fashion law is a growing industry in the legal market, so we draw attention to the niche, as well as other legal matters.  Philanthropy and community service are important issues and also get a lot of attention at B.A.F.F.L.E.D.  I try to make the site as unique as possible, by sharing things of interest to a range of readers.  
What made you decide to start a blog and how long have you been at it? I started a blog because I found I have a lot to say and share with others, but I also want them to do the same with me.  I also found I was going to be using my law degree in a way which was not what I envisioned in law school, so I wanted to have a way to stay up to date and relevant in those areas.  B.A.F.F.L.E.D. forces me to stay on top of things in copyright, trademark, fashion, entertainment and other areas of law I studied in law school.  I also get to share some insights from my everyday as a Legislative lawyer on the site as well.  I think research and writing are important for staying sharp in your craft, and this site allows me to do it.  I also get to learn new things when readers request information they'd like to see.
Who would you say is your target audience? My target audience is definitely fashion lovers, lawyers, professionals, students, and anyone who enjoys reading blogs in general.  
What is the one thing you love most about blogging? I love giving readers something they didn't know they wanted.  Everyone can say they want to read or learn about a certain thing, but when you read something eye-opening, it sticks with you and gives your a different experience.  I want B.A.F.F.L.E.D. to be that experience for people.  
Link us to your favorite post: Major Must-Haves for the Fabulous Fashionista - http://www.thebaffledblog.com/2010/01/fast-fashion-major-must-haves-for.html
What do you look for in a fabulous blog that would make you follow it? Interesting content and a well-designed, easy to navigate site.  If it's law or fashion-related, they've probably already got me in lol.  

What challenges have you had when blogging? My Tuesday Tops.  It's a good challenge, but sometimes is a struggle to deliver.  Every Tuesday, I like to offer a Top # of something--the topics cover everything you can think of.  The problem is, sometimes it's hard to think of something, and even harder when Sunday or Monday come around and I'm still thinking.  I never want people to visit and think "this hasn't been updated in a while", and I want to deliver on the promise of a regular feature.  I appreciate the discipline and challenge it brings, though...keeps me on my toes.
Do you have any future plans for your blog? I absolutely want to take it to the next level--doing more features on people and organizations.  I'd also like to have fundraisers for charities sponsored by the site.
What do you consider to be the keys to YOUR success?  Doing what no one like to do, having no fear, and staying focused.  These are things my parents have instilled in me all my life, and I've always found them to be true.  Life isn't always about what you like, but often more about what you need or have to do.  I try to keep it in mind.  I also know fear and worrying are time-wasters, and I only have time to make moves, get better and do more, so I try to remember those things at all times.
What is your daily routine, when dressing? I pick my clothes and accessories out the night before.  I am not a morning person, so 1st thing in the AM would be tragic for me.  Evening planning gives me time to decide and rearrange, so the morning is "seamless".
How do you come about material for your blog? I read a lot of news, listen to what readers suggest, and am always thinking of what I can say to readers about current events.  
Why the interest in fashion law? ( & Tell us a little about fashion law): Fashion is a major market and pulls in billions every year.  It is also seeing a lot of changes with social media, and technology as a result of smart devices and the ease of stealing designs and ideas.  It is also a market built on ideas, reshaping them, and making them your own.  As the industry grows, so do their legal issues.  I think it's important for fashion designers to be well advised and protected in the market, because copying and infringement are so easy.  I also just love fashion and law, and am so excited they have a dependence on each other.  
I also think these blog posts will help fashionistas (fashion loves, designers, etc.) understand fashion law and know what to look out for - http://www.thebaffledblog.com/search/label/fashion%20law  

If you could cover one show for fashion week, who's would it be and for what season? I would have to cover the Chanel show.  I love Coco Chanel quotes, and her philosophy on life and style.  We also share the same birthday 100 years apart.  Her brand intrigues me, and I'd be honored to have the chance to cover her shows.  
How would you describe your style? I'd say my style is classic with a twist.  I like fairly simple looks, but always with something to make them stand out, whether it's shoes or accessories.  I always rock a big ring, love bright colors, and high heels.  
What is the compliment you most frequently get? "Look at those shoes!"  Ladies share my love for them, and guys think it's a feat to walk in them.  I love shoes, and know sometimes it's what totally makes the outfit.  
Who is your fashion icon(s)? My mom, grandmothers, and Chanel.
What do you stand for, or against? In fashion, I stand for being yourself and wearing what feels right.  I absolutely stand against fakes and counterfeits. There's no need when there's style and good looks at all price points.
What is your greatest source of inspiration? My family.  I always want to make them proud.
Do you have a fashion ahhhh hah moment? They usually happen in my sleep or at random moments.  When I think of an outfit and realize I have the perfect shoes and accessories, I get so excited.  Also, when I made big rings and shoes that stand out my "fashionmark" I knew I could have something people would always associate with me and my style.  I like that.  
What style magazines do you read? I like Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Ebony
What is your favorite fashion movie or show, and why? I like Fashion Star.  It highlights designers who already have a bit of a presence in their local areas and gives them national attention. I like Project Runway, too because it helps designers from the ground, up. 
What is your favorite item you own in your closet right now? My Louis Vuitton purse.  I've worked hard for it, and I believe it's an investment in a timeless item that'll last a long time.  
What do you spend the most money on? Purses.  I repeat them frequently and swap with my mom, but like to invest in quality ones with lifetime guarantees.  I believe in good bags because they carry my most important items everyday.  
What is your favorite quotation? (or make your own): "In order to irreplaceable, one must always be different." -Coco Chanel
What is it that you want your readers get from viewing & reading your blog, what do you want them to remember about you?:  I want them to get quality information, entertainment, and enlightenment.  I want them to always have a good experience when visiting the site and want to come back often...and tell others.
Are you a trendy shopper or do you go for longevity? I mix it up and do a little of both.  I like to have things to last a long time.  I still have some clothes form Jr. High and High School! But I like the trends for certain occasions as well.  
What is your definition of a Lady?  Always classy, very intelligent, and sassy when necessary.
Favorite designers, brands, & stores: Carson Pirie Scott, Von Maur, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Shoe Dazzle, The Limited
If you could style any celeb who would it be and why?:  I would love to style Tia and Tamera Mowry.  They are positive women on TV and I think they'd be so fun to talk fashion with.
Do you have a style ritual? If so what is it?:  Not really, I'm just always planning look for whenever something comes up.  
Tell us something random about yourself: I'm under 5ft tall.
Name a bad habit that you have: Not networking enough.  There's a lot of opportunities, but I often let being tired or busy stand in the way of going to meet new people--especially as a Chicago blogger.
What is your fashion pet peeve?:  White socks with short pants and black shoes (gym shoes or clog).  This look is for performing the Moonwalk in front of a sold out crowd only, and clearly it can no longer happen.  Don't mix the white sock, short pants, and black shoes!
If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?:  Always feel comfortable when you walk out the door.

*Extra - I think fashion is more than clothes, but a complete look and the personality that goes with it.  You can pick the right clothes, but so much more goes into a total look.  


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