July 11, 2012

Fashion Feature "Dreams & Dresses"

Dreams and Dresses is mainly a fashion blog focused on the high-street and personal style! When it comes to fashion and personal style, Dreams and Dresses is an influencer in these areas and has previously been featured on HelloCotton as the top fashion blog of the day and was also shortlisted on British Style Bloggers as a blog of the month. 

Name: Laura  Age: 16
Location: North England
Hobbies: Blogging, shopping, reading, etc

Future dream(s): I have ambitions to work in the fashion industry, I'm not completely sure which field I want to go into yet but I would absolutely love to start up my own business one day and that's definitely one of my biggest dreams.
Describe your blog. Dreams and Dresses is largely focused on fashion and personal style where I regularly post outfits.  Occasionally, I do blog about beauty products that I'm loving, what I've recently bought and various things like that!
What made you decide to start a blog and how long have you been at it? For about a year I would watch videos on youtube of beauty 'guru's' and read other people's blogs until I finally decided to start my own blog! I thought that blogging would be the best option for me so just went for it and I haven't looked back since. I've been blogging for about 8 months now and I love it!
What is the one thing you love most about blogging? I love everything about blogging, but one of the things I like the most is the blogging community and how we all come together, have the same interests and just help each other out. 
Link us to your favorite post. One of my favorite posts is this one: http://lauradreamsanddresses.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/fashion-careerpath.html I wrote it when I'd just started out blogging and I got a lot of feedback from it and advice from many people in the Comments which I think is helpful to me and anyone else looking to go into the fashion industry! Another of my favorites is the interviews that I did with bloggers currently working in fashion/beauty, you can see them here: http://lauradreamsanddresses.blogspot.co.uk/p/interviews.html
What do you look for in a fabulous blog that would make you follow it? Great content,  large clear photos and a nice blog layout! 
Do you have any future plans for your blog? At the moment, I haven't got any plans, just taking life as it comes and enjoying blogging! Blogging can open many opportunities though and I'm very grateful for that. 
What do you think every fashionista should know about fashion? That you don't always have to follow every single trend and it's okay to be individual and have your own style.
If you could cover one show for fashion week, who's would it be and for what season? I would love to cover Felder Felder or Temperley London for s/s because they're always so wearable and beautiful. Other favorites of mine are John Rocha, Mark Fast, Matthew Williamson amongst a lot more! 
How would you describe your style? I never know what to say when I get asked this question, my style can be really girly one day where I might wear a dress or a skirt then I might dress down in leggings the next day. I like to mix and match items in my wardrobe and see what works for me. I might wear a dress and then toughen it up with a leather jacket sometimes, I like shorts/t-shirts with studs just as much as I like pretty dresses and skirts.
Who is your fashion icon(s)? I don't really have a particular fashion icon as such, but I do love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Olivia Palermo and Millie Mackintosh!
What is your greatest source of inspiration? Bloggers mainly, I love reading fashion/style blogs to see what they're wearing. Also people on the streets and I sometimes have a look through lookbook.nu.
What style magazines do you read? I read Company magazine monthly and always make sure I don't miss it! It's a really blogger-friendly magazine including lots of features on style etc. I also like reading Look as well.
What is your favorite fashion movie or show, and why? I absolutely love The Devil Wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic, such great movies that I really enjoyed! The Devil Wears Prada gives a sense of reality perhaps in what the fashion industry can be like, while Confessions of a Shopaholic is a rom-com, it made me laugh and kind of assures me that I'm actually not the world's biggest shopaholic!
What is your favorite item you own in your closet right now? It would have to be my prom dress that I got from TFNC! It's so sparkly and absolutely gorgeous, I just love it! 
What is your favorite quotation? (or make your own) I have two that I really like: 'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.' By Coco Chanel and 'Everything happens for a reason. Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they're right. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.' By Marilyn Monroe. Both very symbolic for me.
What is it that you want your readers to get from viewing & reading your blog, what do you want them to remember about you? Ultimately I want my readers to enjoy my content and what I post and hopefully to keep visiting if they do enjoy it. That means a lot to me!
Are you a trendy shopper or do you go for longevity? When shopping I always try to ask myself questions in my head, like 'Will I actually wear this? Can I get a lot of wear out of it?' and things like that, if the answer is no I probably won't buy it. But on the odd occasion I do buy items that I might only wear once or twice because they're 'trendy' and items that I do like, but not necessarily for everyday wear. 
Favorite designers, brands, & stores: Felder Felder, Temperley London, John Rocha, Kate Spade, House of Holland, Erin Fetherston and lots more designers/brands. My favourite stores are Topshop, H&M, River Island, Miss Selfridge, New Look sometimes and I love a good Primark bargain! I also like online shopping on sites such as ASOS, Lavish Alice, Glamorous, Pop Couture, Oasap, Love Clothing and many more. I've gotten to know about so many more brands through blogging.
Do you have a style ritual? If so what is it? I don't really have a ritual, in the mornings I just dress to suit my mood or dress to suit whatever I'm doing that day. Usually if I've bought something new, I tend to just wear that a lot as I'm probably in the 'obsessed' stage!
Tell us something random about yourself. I've travelled and moved around a lot when I was younger, and I desperately want to visit Paris and New York. Oops, that's two!
If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be? Always wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in, you have your own style so embrace it!
If you are a fellow fashion blogger, emerging designer (jewelry, clothing etc.), fashion entrepreneur, model, just anyone in the fashion industry who is making things happen for themselves we want to feature YOU for our "My Independence" issue! Just send an email to fashionforjojo@gmail.com 


  1. Laura has a great sense of style. Thank you for introducing her to us!

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  3. She's only 16? So many fashionistas already! Wow, i used to dress like a silly little girl. Thanks for this, this was a great interview! xx

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