July 27, 2012

Fuzz Buzz

It seems like the next trend in nails is leaning towards texture, there's the Caviar Mani and now the Velvet Mani. I can get with the Caviar Mani, I mean it doesn't look bad, but I can't say that I’m sold on this Velvet Mani, I mean... if applied with the wrong type of color choice, your nails can come off looking like they've grown some type of fungus and I couldn't imagine eating any type of finger foods with this, what if you’re putting some delicious fruit into your moth and then some of the Velvet gets on your tongue (no one wants to feel like they'er tasting hair in their mouth)...and what about washing your hands (out of the question?)
Maybe they didn’t think this one completely through. I’m not saying that this trend is hideous, (the red and navy don’t look so bad) I can understand the art of it, but it’s definitely not functional. What do you think? Is this fuzz worth the buzz?


  1. While it does look pretty cool...like you said, I couldn't imagine eating finger foods with it. And what about getting them wet?? Hmmm...


  2. Wow, texture huh. Nail polish & designs have come a long way. This one may take me a little while to get used to but thanks for the alert. :)



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