August 9, 2012

"Cover Stories" September 2012

There is nothing like that September issue, weather it be Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar etc. 

But lets talk about the “Vogue” issue with the incredible Lady Ga Ga gracing the cover. The 120th Anniversary issue is set to hit news stands August 14th. Ga Ga looks amazing in a statuesque pose draped in Marc Jacobs. She apparently leaked the image of the cover via twitter for all the underground kids (as she put it.) This is Ga Ga’s second appearance on the cover of Vogue (March 2011 was her first and one of my fave’s) 

I know that everyone is raving over the haute cover but I’m more interested in the 120 years of style, the stars, the models, the editors, and the designers. 916 pages of high fashion awesomeness (more pages than ever before) I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Here are some other September issues that hit newsstands this month as well, make sure you pick one up.


  1. these covers are great! kisses dear!

  2. The covers look great just wished the mags include more ethnic varieties......

  3. Katie's cover is my fave! x

  4. Now how can you not love this post! Great choice of covers. I cannot wait to receive my fashion bible VOGUE in the mail. I have to say my favorite cover is still Gwen Stefani on Bazaar. :)


  5. Gaga's cover is the most striking September cover I've seen in a while!

  6. I love Gwen's and Rosie's covers. I guess I'd appreciate more realism in covers, specially in september issues. It is there to present stuff we're not wearing yet, but it should consider what we're actually going to wear.


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