November 1, 2012

Hunt Me Down

First let me give my apologies for not being an active blogger for my readers. I have been very busy with the upcoming election. Seeing how it is getting closer and closer to that time, things are really picking up, but I've already missed the whole month of October without blogging or reading up on my favorite blogs, I feel like I've been out of the fashion loop for far too long, as we all know the fashion world moves pretty fast.

Speaking of moving fast, it seems like fall has come and gone (maybe that's because I live in Chicago and we only have summer and winter here.) It seems to be getting colder everyday. Though it's technically still fall, I can most defiantly wait for winter but I can't wait to purchase these Hunter for  J. Mendel Fur Trim Boots that debut today. The boots only come in two colors, black and white, they both look great , but its just something about the white ones that have me in an awe.

Once again, sorry for my absence, once this election is over, hopefully things will be back to normal.


  1. how cool! love the black pair!:) kisses! xo

  2. Glad you're back and thanks for bringing these FABULOUS boots! Obsessed!!!!




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