November 10, 2012

Release the Hounds

 Everyone knows that houndstooth is one of falls classic staple patterns. Originated in Scotland in the 1800’s the pattern became very popular in the 1960’s.

During the fall season there are some patterns that are just classic and will never go out of style, key patterns that every women should have in her fall/winter wardrobe. One of these patterns that, which just happens to be one of my favorites is houndstooth. 

Houndstooth is one of those patterns that lets you know that the holidays are not that far, you know; whenever you see that black and white houndstooth wool pea coat or tweed skirt at you favorite department store. You have every intention on purchasing it to ware at your office holiday party, or some other holiday event. It’s one of our favorite festive patterns, however; it can be worn year round in everyday getups in different colors and fabrics as well, but its classic and true nature is durning the fall and winter season. 


  1. love this trend! great images and style! xo

  2. I luv this post! You did your Houndstooth homework!

  3. Ahhh seeing Selena skirt reminds Me of the one I sold....tragic!

  4. You KILLED it with this post! Love how you executed the past and present of houndstooth for both men and women. Well done and I have always owned a piece, such a classic. :)



  5. Houndstooth is one of my fav prints! I love this post!


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