December 31, 2012

And the Blogger Award Goes to...

First let me apologize for the delay on this post, it took longer to work on than last year. There are just so many awesome bloggers that we follow. 
Once again I'd like to take this time to thank all of my fellow bloggers. This is the second year that Fashion for Jo Jo has recognized some of our favorite bloggers that we've been following and who has followed us throughout the year. I have really enjoyed the content of your blogs and also your lovely comments you've left on mime. 

There are no rules to receive this award, you may take the award you've been awarded and post it on your own blog, you've earned it. If you choose to link it back to me (that would be nice). All I ask is that you do not alter the awards given to you in anyway. Now some of you may be too big time or too busy for these types of things, but this is just my way of saying, "Hey, I see you, I love what you do, and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us."

This year we have added 5 new categories. Check out the awards below and see if your blog's name is listed. This is also great way to get introduced to other bloggers that you may not have stumbled upon yet. I hope you enjoy these, feel free to leave comments about this post, I would really love your feed back on this.

This award goes to the bloggers who have kept us in the fashion loop, always reporting latest fashion related news such as fashion events, industry news, products and so on.
Most Informative...
Always In Vogue      BAFFLED      Bows & Sequins      Candy and Style      Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.       Fashion Blog Love        Fashionista's Boudoir     First Came Fashion     Frugal Flirty N Fab!        Glitter and Bow      I Want It All         Ladies In Navy          Luella & June       

This award goes to the bloggers who have been very supportive throughout the year to me & others, with their wonderful comments, advice & positive words.
Most Supportive...

This award goes to the bloggers who have perfected their poses and always know how to give us a great photo of not only their outfit, but their personality as well.
Most Posed & Poised...
C Michelle Styles    Comme CoCo      Fashion Bananas      Fated To Be Hated      Girl With Curves     KTR Style        Ladies In Navy     Lola a la Mode         M.A.S. Fashion       Miss Renaissance          Naja Diamond            Nu Sophisticate     Penny Pincher Fashion        Pink Fox       Secretive Style   Shipped from Venus       Spikes & Sequins        Style De La Creme        Stylelust Pages      

This award goes to the bloggers photographers of these awesome blogs. Thanks for not only capturing the remarkable style of your blogger bud but for also capturing the story, because a picture says a thousand words, it is that intimacy that you've captured that  just draws us in deeper.
Most Fab Photography...

This award goes to the blogs who have gone through some amazing make overs this year and has displayed a fabulous blog layout, and who have displayed some of their own personal creativity.
Most Creative...

This award goes to the bloggers who take the time out to really connect with their readers on a personal level, engaging us with a little bit of humor and realism, giving us insight of who they are day to day, and for those who tell us a story within the fashion they display.

Most Exceptional Cometary...

This award goes to the bloggers who are fearless to fashion, they often or occasionally break the rules and it works for them. Their not afraid to try something new, or out the box. They can make any look work.
Most Fearless...

This award goes to the fashion blogs that have inspired us with their personal style & voice. All my fellow bloggers are inspiring, these are some of Fashion for JoJo's favorites this year.
Most Inspirational...

This award goes to the bloggers who's closets we'd like to raid, simple as that.
Most Coveted Worthy Clothes...

This award goes to Fashion for Jo Jo's favorite all around fashion blogs, who's style has made a major impact on 2012!
Most Influential...

This award goes to many of you who have just  been Stylish & Fabulous through out the year, we love your blog!

All Things Slim      Always In Vogue    BAFFLED    BamBis Armoire      Be Loud Be You  
BIG hair LOUD mouth        Bows & Sequins       Bravoe Runway      C Michelle Styles     
Candy and Style     Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet.        Circle of Chaos       Color-Block by FelyM.         Comme CoCo       Curves and Confidence      Estelle La Mode       Fashion Bananas      
Fashion Blog Love     Fashion Love Affairs       Fashion Pad......Style, Life, and Faith      
Fashion Style Detroit            Fashionista's Boudoir      Fated To Be Hated      First Came Fashion        Frugal Flirty N Fab!     Girl With Curves    Glitter and Bow        Heart of Gold and Luxury       Honey & Silk      I Want It All    Inside Look at KCN      KTR Style      La Sugarlace       Ladies In Navy     Le Mahogany Fashionista      Lola a la Mode          Looms Lids Layers         Luella & June       
M.A.S. Fashion        Mad Fashion....For Less      Miss Merli in NYC     Miss Renaissance      
Naja Diamond        Nu Sophisticate        Oh CHIC Fancy Huh!?     Oh Wow You Wore That      One Creates Oneself      One Style at a Time      Penny Pincher Fashion       Pink Fox       Pretty Pink 05       Project Soiree       Secretive Style     Shannon Sometimes     Shipped from Venus     Slightly Mused       Spikes & Sequins       StilettoEsq        Style De La Creme       StyleLust Pages       Stylish Behaviour     Sweets and Hearts    The Chloe Conspiracy       The Fashion Beauty Junkie    The Fashionista  Next Door         The Only Fashion Princess        The Shoe Fashionista       The 4aces Date         Vintage Tells A Story     Walk In Wonderland   Young and Seamless

This award is for our men in blogging. Don't think we haven't noticed. Some of us would love for you to dress our men. Thanks for being supportive and sharing your style with us. 


  1. Thank you for taking the time and sharing these lovely awards! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for keeping up with One Style at a Time. Your support is always much appreciated. :)

    Happy New Year!


    1. You are so welcomed, I really enjoy your blog. You've earned the recognition. I love doing this to show my fellow bloggers that they are appreciated. Keep up the blogging, so many of us look forward to it.

  2. Love it... love it.. love it... congrats to all of the winners.... And thank you for having me in a few categories as well


    1. Your welcome. You have a kick ass blog, and we see you making major moves, taking things to the next level. You've earned the recognition. Thanks for keeping your readers posted.

  3. Oh WoW! I feel deeply honoured. Thanks for the recognition and a very big congrats to all winners.

    1. You're welcome Doll, you deserve it. Love your blog, keep on blogging Fashionista!

    2. Preety nice! Thanks for incorprating my star (Fashionista's boudior) on your blog. And no thank for not checking out my sisters. Pls do and put a smile on my disarranged face. Lol

  4. You have definitely made my day! I am honored to be recognized and thank you so much for being a source of my Blogger Inspiration!Congrats to all the Bloggers who were recognized as well! Amazing!
    Frugal Flirty N Fab!

  5. So flattered to be included in these categories - thank you for the honor!

  6. I'm late, but thank you so much for thinking of me to include in me in these awesome categories! :)


  7. What a honor my love, and thank you so much. I am so sorry for not noticing this post sooner. You have no idea how much this means to me, and thank you for taking the time by doing this. Congratulations to all of the winners. They are all very inspirational in many special ways, :) xoxox. Thank you all here as well for the support! In shock because I can't believe I was in different categories, thank you!

  8. This is something special! Thank you so much for the recognition in so many categories! I feel honored. Wow, what a surprise! Thank you for keeping up with my quest of fashion :) Congratulations to all the bloggers! Thank you again and Happy New Year! xo

  9. Check out Eccentric GLOW @ :) i would love to make this list next year

  10. I am BEYOND thrilled and honored to be one of your "most stylish menswear blogger" award recipients. Truly unexpected. I just love posting what I wear, and to further refine my own style in the hopes of one day making a break in the fashion industry.



  11. This is awesome and we are so happy to be featured here amongst other lovely bloggers. Thank you!
    Kw ladies in navy

  12. Oh that is so nice of you!!! I really appreciated it!!:))) Thanks a lot dear, keep up with your great job!! Kisses!! xo

  13. You are the sweetest ever! I am truly honored n' I thank you sooooooooo much for including me!

  14. Thank you so much! And this is such a good way to get connected with other bloggers.

    Our Thanks


  15. Thank you soooo much Ebony for the recognition. Blogging is such a great outlet for me and to be able to share something I love with like-minded individuals is truly a blessing. i hope to change up my content over the next few months for a more in depth review of this amazing industry. Per usual, you continue to add wonderful and creative content to the blogosphere :-)

  16. Ebony! Thank you so much for the awards! I am honored to be listed by you and really appreciate the time you've taken to compile these wonderful awards! Congratulations to everyone on this page and thank you for your support!

  17. Thank you very much for the awards and also thank you for letting me know about it !!
    i love your blog and i check it constantly and i am extremely happy to see that you find my post useful and i will try to keep them like that or better !!

    Have a nice day and thanks again !!
    xoxo !!

  18. Hey! I just saw this post. Thanks so much for mentioning me. I LOVE your it's an honour!!


  19. Thank you so much for the awards!! ^_^
    I really appreciate all the support!

    erica | sweets + hearts

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