December 30, 2012

Fashion for Jo Jo's Favorite Post of 2012

IFB Project #28 "The Motivational Mood Board"

 I present to you my Motivational Mood Board. I’m taking part in the IFB Project #28. I’m not quite sure how to explain my board. I just took images of things & some people who get my fashion blood pumping. ...(read more)

The Old and the View

As we were cleaning she dug out some of her old fashion magazines. She had Vogues that dated all the way back to 1989, (I was only 6 Years old) a time when only models graced the covers. ...(read more)

Fashion Flashback "Tom Ford gor Gucci Fall 2004"

Ending an era at Gucci, Tom Ford not only stunned the Fashion Industry, but made sure he left his mark. In Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2004 Read-to-Wear Collection, Ford gave us glamour, sex appeal, sophistication, and confidence. ...(read more)

Closet Case "Rebellious Red Soles"

Accused of being rebellious, powerful, passionate, dangerous, desirable, and courageous. ...(read more)


According to Harper’s Bazaar: Great Style  Best Ways to Update Your Look (by Jenny Levin) there are 4 ways to wear the LBD...simple, sweet, sexy or stunning. ...(read more)

A Scent-sational Women

Continuing on with our ladylike issue...every true lady should have a signature sent. I’m talking about all year round, a signature sent for summer, signature sent in the fall, a signature sent in the winter and a signature sent in the spring. As the seasons change, select a fragrance that compliments each one’s attributes. ...(read more)

Fashionable Fab 5 Round-up "May-The Ladylike Issue"

...(read more)

Release the Hounds

Everyone knows that houndstooth is one of falls classic staple patterns. Originated in Scotland in the 1800’s the pattern became very popular in the 1960’s. ...(read more)

Closet Case “Fringe-emies”

 Accused of being fun, distracting, odd,and funny looking...I don't know, I think we will have to request a jury trail for this one. ...(read more)

Chanel & Linda Evangelista "Fashion Flashback"

A quick fashion flashback at  ... (read more)

Fashion Flashback "Remembering Vidal Sassoon"

A glimpse looking back on Vidal Sassoon . ...(read more)

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