December 22, 2012

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for the Fashionista

This is a very last minute post about last minute stocking stuffer ideas for your fashionista friends. A list of things that are sure easy to find, afordable, and not sold out of. Things to keep them styled, polished, and ready. Like the Tide to Go pen & a lent roller to keep spots out and lint and hair off. Dr. Scholl's gell inserts for the heels we love to wear, to make the stride more comfortable, and Fast Flats to give your feet a rest. Double sided tape, and a emergency sewing kit is something that a true fashionista should ever be without. And for the beauty lovers, nail polishes, false eyelashes, and boby pins are great last minute stocking stuffers as well. Let's not forget gift cards ( you just can't go wrong with those). 

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